Blueberries Crochet Pattern


Stitch Abbreviations

MR - Magic
RingCh - Chain stitch
Sc - Single Crochet
Hdc - Half Double Crochet
Inc - Increase
Dec - Decrease - Slip stitch
St - stitch
【All patterns use US terminology, details can be found here.】

Part 1 Berry part(R1-R9) +Petal part

  • R1 - MR, Sc×6 [6]
  • R2 - Inc(2 in 1)Sc×6 [12]
  • R3 - (Sc, Inc)×6 [18]
  • R4 - Sc×18 [18]
  • R5 - Sc×18 [18]
  • R6 - Sc×18 [18]
  • R7 - Sc×18 [18]
  • R8 - (Sc, Dec)×6 [12]
  • R9 - Dec×6 [6]
  • R10 Petal part - [FLO] (, Ch×3,×5

Part 2 Branch part - Ch×48

NoteThe tutorial is divided into two parts: a blue blueberry part + a brown/green branch part, the two parts are combined to make a blueberry with a branch. The branch part requires the crocheter to insert the crochet hook through one of the R1 stitches, and through out the center of the MR, crocheting one Sl st followed by 8 CH.Crocheter can follow this tutorial to make multiple blueberries with branches and thread them into a string, which is a blueberry string. 

Body Filling
After crocheting R9, the opening will be relatively small and difficult to fill the ball. So we need to stuff with cotton/thread after R8.

The main stitches for each round are listed below, for a separate lesson please refer to the video link below.
Chain stitch&Single crochet&Slip stitch

This tutorial on spiral crochet requires memorizing the initial stitch of each Round, which can be aided with the aid of tools such as marker clip.

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