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Creating art that reflects a specific time in your life makes life more meaningful and interesting.

Our Story

Become a crochet-friendly crochet brand

When the epidemic started, people had to stay at home and the long boring indoor life made Miracle(Yeezhee Founder) realize that she had to add some color to her life. She discovered crochet on youtube as a craft activity that relieves anxiety and promotes a sense of fulfillment, making it a perfect activity for people in the midst of an epidemic, and has since stepped into the world of crochet.

But the way to learn a new skill was not smooth, Miracle found that crochet tutorials and related information on the internet were very scattered and confusing. She switched back and forth between different communities and platforms to learn different crochet techniques, and then went to different platforms to buy the crochet accessories she needed. The complexity of the yarn categories added to the confusion.These issues make learning to crochet very difficult.

Why can't there be one platform to solve all the problems? That's why Yeezhee exists.

Our Mission

At Yeezhee, we're passionate about crochet - crocheters around the world incorporate our brand into their lives, helping them learn to understand crochet in new ways and inspiring us to do more, including creating and designing crochet diversity and perfecting hands-on must-have crochet kits so there's no underrepresentation of any crochet information.

Our Value

Make crocheting accessible to everyone

Designed to be a fully-styled platform for all crocheters and wannabe crocheters.
Scattered crochet tutorials and crochet information in one platform to reduce crocheters' anxiety of picking out materials and provide opportunities to learn and create crochet pieces.

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Explore the world of crochet and let more people experience the joy of crocheting and start a crochet journey.

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