How to crochet granny square bag(Sofa 13pcs)?

As beginners learning to crochet, the best way for us to learn is to follow the detailed step-by-step videos. You can pause the video and watch it again and again when you encounter problems while knitting. Follow the steps of the video together.

Why call it Sofa?

Imagine a sunny afternoon when you are sitting alone on the sofa and suddenly you are attracted by the garden outside the window. At that moment, you are deeply impressed by the beauty of nature and you want to keep this sense of warmth and comfort. Therefore, you decided to name it 'Sofa' to symbolize comfort, coziness and the feeling of home. Every time you see this name, you will remember that special afternoon time, and you hope that everyone who owns a 'Sofa' bag will feel the same warmth and comfort.