Milkshake Crochet Pattern

Level: ⭐⭐

milkshake amigurumi

The Stitch Abbreviations

MR - Magic Ring
Ch - Chain stitch
Sc - Single Crochet
Inc - Increase
Dec - Decrease
InvDec - Invisible Decrease - Slip stitch
FLO - Front Loop Only
BLO - Back Loop Only
St - stitch
Mbo - Mini Bobble Stitch

【All patterns use US terminology, details can be found here.】

Part1: Milk Shake

[Starting in Glass color(White /Grey).]
R1: MR,, Ch, Sc×8 [8]
R2: Inc(2 in 1)Sc×8 [16]
R3: Sc×16 [16] [At mid R4, stuff with a Coin/Nickle to add weight.] R4: InvDec×8 [8]
R5: Sc×2, InvDec, Sc×2, InvDec [6] R6: Sc×6 [6] [Change to Shake color.]
R7: Inc(2 in 1)Sc×6 [12]
R8: (Sc, Inc)×6 [18]
R9: Sc×18 [18]
R10: Sc×8, Inc, Sc×8, Inc [20]
R11-15: Sc×20 [20] [Change to Glass color.]
R16: [FLO] Sc×20 [20]
[Add a smile with Yellow color, two eyes with Brown color.]
[Change to Shake color.]
R17: [BLO from R15] (Sc×2, Dec)×5, [15]

Part2: Milk cap/Whipped Cream with cherry

[Starting in Cream color.]
R1: MR,, Ch, Sc×5 [5]
R2: [BLO] Inc(2 in 1)Sc×4, [Change to Cherry color] Mbo, [Change to Cream color]Sc [10]
R3: [BLO] (Sc, Inc)×5 [15]
R4: [BLO] Sc×2, [2]
[Cut the yarn and Leave enough to sew onto the top of the milkshake.]


NoteThe tutorial consists of two parts:
The Milk Shake part *1 + the Milk cap/Whipped Cream with cherry part *1. Complete the two sections separately and then connect the two sections.
Finish the two parts separately and then sew R3 of the Milk cap/Whipped Cream with cherry part to R17 of the Milk Shake part.

The main stitches are listed below, for a separate lesson please refer to the video link below.

Magic Ring
Chain stitch
Double crochet
Single crochet
Slip stitch
Mini Bobble Stitch

Milk cap/Whipped Cream with cherry part can keep a section of thread for later stitching of the Milk Shake part.

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