Jade Bracelet Crochet Pattern

Bracelet Pattern

Stitch Abbreviations

  • Ch - Chain stitch
  • Dc - Double Crochet
  • Tc - Treble crochet
  • Sl.st - Slip stitch

【All patterns use US terminology, details can be found here.

Part 1 Bracelet

  • 1. Bracelet Length[25](Less or more, depending on your wrist circumference.)
     Slip knot, Ch×25
  • 2 Bracelet Width (Can be determined by different stitch, e.g. Dc/Tc) 
    ①Ch×6, Dc×25 (Depending on the chain stitches /bracelet length.)
    ②Ch×8, Tc×25 (Depending on the chain stitches /bracelet length.)

Part 2 Button

  • R1 MR, Sc×5, Sl.st [5]
  • R2 Ch, Inc(2 in 1)Sc×5 , Sl.st [10]

Requisite instruction

The tutorial consists of two parts:
The green wristband part *1 + The pink button flower part *1.
Complete the two sections separately and then connect the two sections.

Auxiliary Instructions

The main stitches for each part are listed below, for a separate lesson please refer to the video link below.
Bracelet Part:Chain stitch&Double crochet&Treble crochet
Button Part:Single crochet&Slip stitch

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