Heart Granny Square

Heart Granny Square

Tools needed

On top of that, scissors are needed.


Yarn Weight-3 Light





Making Clips

Making Clips

Heart Granny square

Free Pattern

Stitch Abbreviations

MR - Magic ring


Sl.st - Slip stitch

Ch - Chain stitch

Hdc-Half double crochet

Dc-Double crochet

Tr-Treble crochet

【All patterns use US terminology, details can be found here.】

Written Pattern

R1:MR,Ch×3,Dc×12, Sl.st

R2: Sk1, Tr×8 in same stitch, Dc×1, (1Dc,1 Hdc) in same stitch,(Hdc×2)in same stitch,(Hdc,Dc),(Dc,Hdc),(Hdc×2),(Hdc,Dc), Dc×1,Tr×8 in same stitch,Sl.st, fasten off.

R3:Sl.st(change color), SC×2,Hdc×1,Dc×1, (Dc,Tr,Ch×3)in same stitch, (Tr,Dc)in same stitch ,Dc×1,(Hdc,Sc)in same stitch,Sc×1,(Sc×2)in same stitch,Hdc×1,(Hdc,Dc,Ch×3)in same stitch,(Dc,Hdc)in same stitch,Hdc×2,Dc×1,Tr×1,Dc×1,Hdc×2,(Hdc,Dc,Ch×3),(Dc,Hdc),Hdc×1,(Sc×2),Sc×1,(Sc,Hdc),Dc×1,(Dc,Tr,Ch×3),(Tr,Dc),Dc×1,Hdc×1,Sl.st [44]

R4:Ch×1,Hdc×1,Sc×3,Hdc×1,Dc×1,Edc×1,(Tr×1,Ch×2,Tr×1)in same stitch[Edc×1,Dc×1,Hdc×1,Sc×3,Hdc×1,Dc×1,Edc×1,(Tr×1,Ch×2,Tr×1)in same stitch] repeat three times in this circle, Edc×1,Dc×1, Sl.stR5:Ch×1(change color),[Sc×11,(Sc,Ch×2,Sc)in same stitch] repeat four times in this circle, Sl.st

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