Gingerbread Men Pattern

TipThere are three main stitches we use for this crochet Chain stitch/Single Crochet/SC2TOG
If you don't know how to pick yarn please check here. and if you don't know how to crochet please check our crochet tutorial.

Round Abbreviations

  • AR - Arm Round
  • BR - Body Round
  • LR - Leg Round
  • HR - Head Round

Stitch Abbreviations

  • Ch - Chain stitch
  • Sc - Single Crochet
  • Inc - Increase
  • Dec - Decrease
  • - Slip stitch
  • St - stitch

【All patterns use US terminology, details can be found here.

AR1: Ch×17 [17]
AR2: Sc×16 (1st Sc in 2nd Ch from hook) [16]
AR3: Ch, Sc×16 [16]
AR4: Ch, Sc×16 [16]
BR1: (, Ch, Sc) in 6th st, Sc×5 [6]
BR2: Ch, Sc×6 [6]
BR3: Ch, Inc(2 in 1)Sc, Sc×4, Inc(2 in 1)Sc [8]
BR4: Ch, Sc×8 [8]
BR5: Ch, Sc×8 [8]
BR6: Ch, Sc×8 [8]

[Left Leg]
LR1: Ch, Sc×4 [4]
LR2: Ch, Sc×4 [4]
LR3: Ch, Sc×4 [4]
LR4: Ch, Sc×3 [3]
LR5: Ch, Sc×2 [2]
[Right Leg]
LR1: (, Ch, Sc) in 5th st, Sc×3 [4]
LR2: Ch, Sc×4 [4]
LR3: Ch, Sc×4 [4]
LR4: Ch, Sc×3 [3]
LR5: Ch, Sc×2 [2]

HR1: (, Ch, Sc) in 7th Ch of AR1, Sc×3 [4]
HR2: Ch, Inc(2 in 1)Sc, Sc×2, Inc(2 in 1)Sc [6]
HR3: Ch, Inc(2 in 1)Sc, Sc×4, Inc(2 in 1)Sc [8]
HR4: Ch, Sc×8 [8]
HR5: Ch, Sc×8 [8]
HR6: Ch, Dec, Sc×4, Dec [6]
HR7: Ch, Dec, Sc×2, Dec [4]
HR8: Ch, Sc×3 [3]

NoteSuggest to save the picture, first reversed for crochet Arms - Body - Legs - Head.
Crochet order for the arms limbs left leg right leg head, after completing the entire crochet pattern needs to be crocheted in the side Stitch at the end of a single crochet. We usually use the slip stitch as the beginning of each part, and use the chain stitch to connect the two rounds.

The main stitches are listed below, for a separate lesson please refer to the video link below.

Chain stitch
Single crochet
Slip stitch

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