Bunny Pillow Crochet Pattern

Stitch Abbreviations

Ch - Chain stitch
Sc - Single Crochet
Inc - Increase
Dec - Decrease
Sl.st - Slip stitch
FLO - Front Loop Only
BLO - Back Loop Only

【All patterns use US terminology, details can be found here.】

Part 1 Pillow square

  • R1: Ch×14 [14]
  • R2-R14: Ch,Sc×14 [14]

Part 2 Ears

  • R1: Ch×6 [6]
  • R2: Ch, (FLO)Sc×6, (BLO)Sc×6, Sl.st(Change color) [12]
  • R3: Sc×6, Inc(2 in 1)Sc×2, Sc×5, Sl.st [16]

NoteThe tutorial is divided into two parts: pillow square * 2 + the ears * 2 (first two rounds of brown + third round of gray).

After the body of the pillow is crocheted in one row, it needs to be turned over for the next row to be crocheted. The main stitches for each round are listed below and can be clicked on for separate learning:Chain StitchSingle CrochetSlip Stitch.

Yarn Change
After completing the second round of the ear you will need to make a yarn change, insert the hook into the gray yarn tied in a slipknot and then pass the gray loop through the brown loop on the hook to complete the thread change and you can move on to the third round of crocheting.

Pillow square: after the last single crochet remember to leave plenty of yarn, we need to align the stitches of the two squares and join the four edges together, remember to stuff the last edge before sewing it together! Ears: After the slip stitching, leave enough yarn to sew it onto the pillow.

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