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Why should beginners choose Yeezhee?

Yeezhee's warmful material: Special threads: The threads are made of special construction instead of the universal yarn in the market,...

Yeezhee's warmful material:

  1. Special threads: The threads are made of special construction instead of the universal yarn in the market, so the threads won't be easily separated during the crocheting process, resulting in poor crocheting. At the same time, we deployed special ratios to ensure that the thread would not be too hard and would not be easy to wear and tear pilling, hooked out of the bag, with more texture and durability.
  2. Special crochet hook: Teflon is added to the surface of the crochet hook, this treatment makes the surface of the crochet hook more silky, less friction in contact with the thread, and the crocheting process is smoother. The size of the crochet hook is 3.5mm, which is suitable for the diameter of the thread, so it is easy to crochet and not easy to drop the thread.


Yeezhee's detailed tutorials:

  1. Intimate companion teaching: We provide a detailed immersive tutorial for novices to accompany the whole process, checking and explaining in detail any steps that may go wrong in the process, reducing frustration in the learning process; accompanying every beginner through the process from not knowing to knowing to enhance every beginner's sense of achievement and sense of acquisition.
  2. Scientific and reasonable teaching steps: After testing, we have designed a more scientific and reasonable teaching steps. First of all, we teach the basics of crochet posture, crochet stitches and crochet order, and then start the needle teaching after the beginners have a certain understanding of the whole, so as to minimize the confusion that every beginner may encounter in the learning process.


Yeezhee's thoughtful accessories:

  1. Bottom Needle: In the material package for beginners, we have equipped the bottom needle of the granny square, which is the first loop of the grandmother square. This helps us to temporarily skip the confusing needle starting stage, making the learning process easier.
  2. Customized handles: Equipped with customized handles, beginners just need to fasten the handles after crocheting the bag. After many comparisons and selection, finally selected a high quality, durable and most compatible with the design of the bag handles. This enhances the progress of the finished product, and at the same time improves the aesthetics and texture of the finished bag.


Learning in happiness, happy in learning!

  1. Appropriate difficulty: The structure of the granny square is regular and repetitive, so a novice can easily crochet a piece of the granny square once he or she has mastered a handful of stitches and sequences. Moreover, the entire bag is made up of granny squares, so once the first granny square is learned, one is capable of crocheting an entire bag.
  2. Positive feedback: In terms of time investment, learning to crochet a granny square takes a short time and uses less wire, which can give us feedback on the visual and learning experience more quickly, and it is very effective to gain a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Grow interest in crochet and motivate us to continue to complete more crochet projects.
  3. Multiple participants: This granny square set is not only suitable for independent completion, but also very suitable for multiple people to complete, beginners can participate in learning with family and friends, and exchange feelings and discuss learning in the process of crochet, harvest more fun!
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