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The Magical Charm of Granny Squares: From Handcraft to Multiple Applications in Daily Life

Granny squares have an unassailable place in crochet, and whether you're a novice crocheter or an experienced crocheter, I'm sure...

Granny squares have an unassailable place in crochet, and whether you're a novice crocheter or an experienced crocheter, I'm sure you have a piece that is a granny square.

Today we will talk about the granny square, there is no specific and clear information about its origin, it is widely heard that in the 1940s, some frugal women in the United States would specifically collect unwanted yarn and crochet them into a small square, and then finally sewed together to become pants and dresses. Since most of the sewers were grandmothers, they were named as such.


Because of the variety of yarns that were collected, the final product of the granny squares was rich in color, and in the hippie-inspired 1970s in the United States, the granny squares became a big hit for a while. It's no exaggeration to say that everyone in that era must have owned a piece of granny square clothing.

But it is precisely because of this style that brings enthusiasm and vitality to people that it has been loved again in the Z era, and has been applied to all parts of life.


Fashion and Personalization

The resurgence of granny squares in the fashion world is a testament to their charm. It was a favorite fifty years ago and it still is fifty years later.

For Moschino 's 40th anniversary show, the designer rethought it and fused the granny square with modern clothing, making dresses that were eye-catching and contrasted with the rest of the outfit.

Moschino 's 40th anniversary show


Singer Justin Bieber has also repurposed the granny square, combining a jacket with prominent granny square elements on top, and even wearing a colorful granny square blanket on some date nights. It's a new twist on tradition and modernity.

Justin Bieber&granny square



Home & Living Aesthetics

The Granny Square is not only relevant to people in terms of fashion. It also plays multiple roles in our living spaces. Indoors, it can be used as part of a cozy home, embellished with blankets and pillows on the sofa, or placed on the coaster with cups and bags, adding a different visual experience to home life. Outdoors, granny squares become a good companion for picnics, granny squares blanket as a picnic mat, or granny squares bag to carry lunch boxes, enjoy the good time outdoors.

Whether indoors or outdoors, granny squares show their versatility and bring more fun and practicality to our lives.

 granny square:Home & Living Aesthetics



 Socializing and Creativity

The Granny squares have become more than just an art form in modern life. It even provides many people with the opportunity to connect with others. Sharing the fruits of one's crocheting with others on a social platform or in one's life, and receiving appreciation and encouragement from others, can inspire crocheters to be more motivated to create and gain like-minded friends.

Traditional granny squares have been given an artistic makeover, with some young people combining granny squares with cartoon patterns and forming unique creative squares, completing the makeover of granny squares and attracting more people who are interested in it to join.

granny square



 Eco-friendly and sustainable

The Granny squares also play an important role in sustainable living. When shopping, you can use crocheted tote bags instead of plastic bags, crocheted coasters instead of those made of plastic and wood, and wear crocheted hats instead of machine-made ones. Some special companies even make yarn from discarded plastic, creating a secondary use. The items you crochet are utilized over and over again in your life, and are a great way to promote eco-friendly and sustainable living.



More than just a pattern, the Granny Square is a link between tradition and modernity, between groups and individuals. Explore the multiple charms of the Granny Square and incorporate this craft into your daily life to create a story unique to each individual. Through the Granny Square, we can feel the warmth of craftsmanship and discover the beauty of life!


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