Storage Basket

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Enjoy the easy joy of crocheting! Discover Yeezhee's brand-new kit of simple stitches that you can easily master to create stunning creations. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced crocheter, this crochet kit is ideal for you.
Colors: Gulf

Crochet Level ⭐⭐⭐

Crochet Kit Features
  • What's in crochet kit?
    7mm crochet hook, Peasy yarn, marking clips, a threading needle, tutorial booklet

  • What you'll get?
    A sturdy and durable storage basket, turn your crochet into a visible product.

  • Easy-to-follow tutorials
    Step-by-step tutorials are provided, with text patterns and animated reminders within the videos to ensure beginners can listen and watch and crochet with confidence.

  • Special Yarn and Crochet Hook
    The yarn is made of specially formulated material, which is not easily dispersed and is more suitable for beginners to crochet. The crochet hook is ergonomic, with Teflon added to the surface of the crochet hook to make the crochet experience smoother and faster to learn to crochet.

  • Note
    All Yeezhee crochet kit tutorials use US terms, which is somewhat different from UK terms, details can be found here.
Colors: Gulf

Product information

Gauge Size

Regular Crochet Standards

Finished basket according to Yeezhee's crochet tutorial, up to 19*11cm/7.5*4.3inch in diameter. suitable for most mugs. A few centimeters of error is normal due to the crocheter's strength.

Simple Crochet Stitches

Enjoy Crocheting

storage basket are crocheted throughout using basic stitches including SC, SL. simple stitches to complete a piece. Try it soon. If you don't understand the written pattern, check here.

Save the Yarn

Free Patterns

Don't waste leftover yarn from completed projects. Try crocheting some fun knick-knacks with them.

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