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🧶Crochet Time: 2 hours

Introducing Hippotigris, the perfect cat beanie for beginners. With its trendy design and practicality, it's sure to add a fun and playful touch to any outfit. Stay warm and stylish with Hippotigris.
What is in Crochet kit ?
  • Chain Yarn: 100% soft acrylic Yarns
  • Pom-poms x2
  • 4.5MM crochet hook x1
  • Marking clips x2
  • A threading needle
  • An instruction manual
Are there instructions for newbies ?

Step by step guides are provided. We've recorded exclusive full-process videos for each product so you can accelerate your learning with detailed illustrations and US crochet terms.

How's the kit material ?
  • Yarn Material: We use a special yarn that is not prone to cracking, easy to shape, and has a skin-friendly feel.
  • Crochet hook: The Crochet hook is covered with Teflon, which is particularly smooth during crocheting and makes the learning process more convenient

Before crochet check the head circumference


Crochet any head circumference

Yeezhee Cat Beanie Crochet Kit provides plenty of yarn, enough to crochet a large sized beanie.

Follow Yeezhee's video tutorials on crocheting

A beginner can crochet in one day.

Only crochet with double crochet

Complete the entire hat with a double crochet hook, the easiest crochet kit for novices.

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