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Crochet Pattern's: Base Chain VS Magic Ring

When following a pattern, you'll notice that the tutorials sometimes start with a base chain and sometimes a magic ring,...

When following a pattern, you'll notice that the tutorials sometimes start with a base chain and sometimes a magic ring, so when should we use the base chain and when should we use the magic ring? What is the difference between the two? You will find the answer here.

What is a base chain? What is a magic ring?

Base Chain: also called foundation chain or starting chain. A base chain is usually multiple chain stitches that begin with a slip knot, and the first row is crocheted in the stitch of each chain stitch when you start crocheting.

Magic Ring: also known as a magic loop or magic circle, is a technique used for starting stitches in the round in crochet.

Base chain

Difference between foundation chain and magic loop

1. The base chain method starts with a chain and will have an uneven surface left by the chain, it is not a tight circle and the center of the circle is not adjustable. It is widely used for all projects that start with a circle. If you want to make a mandala with an open center or want to use the center hole as a decoration, you can choose the base chain method without hesitation, which is easier to learn.

Magic Ring

2. The surface of the magic ring is a smooth ring, it is easier to insert and secure during the making process than the foundation chain and it is easy to add any number of stitches to the center ring. With adjustments that allow the loop to be closed, the Magic Loop is the perfect way to start any amigurumi project and is useful in making granny squares, hats, mittens, bags, etc., as well as rugs and coasters that require a sturdy center.

Another sturdy type of crochet - the double magic loop - is no different in its use but will be stronger than the regular one because it will be wrapped around your finger one more time than the regular one.

*Tips: Cotton is the easiest to use when trying a magic ring for the first time. While getting the hang of it, you need to avoid fluffy wool or chenille wool. Fluffy wool can tangle, and chenille wool can tear when you pull on the end of the yarn in the last step. Smooth cotton yarns are best for learning! It is also important to note that you should not cut the tail right near the magic loop instead of securing the tail. (It may be a little difficult for newbies to learn the magic ring, so you can click here for a double magic ring video tutorial)


In a nutshell, except for items that must require the center of the circle to be either tightly closed or open (e.g., the center of the amigurumi must be tightly closed to ensure that the filling doesn't come out, so a magic ring needs to be made, whereas granny-square related items can be done either way depending on the effect you want). These two are the main methods of starting stitches in the round, and they can be substituted for each other; many novices choose the foundation chain method of starting stitches in the round just because the magic ring is more complicated. So, don't agonize, choose one way to start your project!

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